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InterlogChile Corporate Group

InterlogChile Corporate Group

InterlogChile is a corporate group focused to meet the requirements of the paper industry, especially the supply of paper for corrugating, packaging and other uses, with a strong logistic component. This mean a significant development of imports and exports to and from several North and South American, European and Asian countries, maintenance of a stock that meets the requirements of our customers and a just-in-time service for the domestic market.

Our 20-year experience in the area has allowed us to grow significantly and to acquire an important position in the national market as well as the international. As part of this development, our organization has been certified under the ISO 9001-2015 certification, in order to give our clients and providers the best quality standard in the industry. In addition, since 2013, InterlogChile has been committed to good practices, implementing, in all processes, the operational efficiency philosophy of Lean Manufacturing. Among our suppliers and international companies we represent, there are some of great importance in the area, located in more than 15 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

We have done business with several countries, among which are Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Dominican Republic, besides exporting products from Latin America to China, South Korea and Taiwan, thus confirming our leadership in the region. If you have any requirement, either related to the products we already stated or any other, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

InterlogChile corporate group is made up of the following companies:

  • Logística Internacional S.A., for international trading, import, export and domestic distribution of paper and board as raw material. Core business in corrugating and packaging market.
  • Converpac S.A., converting facilities for cutting and rewinding of paper and board in Chile. Special machinery to satisfy a wide range of substances and formats up to 250 cm. and 160 cm. diameter.
  • Papermarket Chile S.A., focused in trading of end-use paper and board products. This company operates the online sales web site

Social Responsibility

In InterlogChile, we make the effort to contribute to our society and make a better country. That is why we have taken initiatives that celebrate the new Chile and that seek to contribute a little bit in the process of building a fairer nation:

  • Gender Equality: 35% of our team are women, and in Commercial and Managing positions this number goes up to 55%.
  • Diversity: We have sales agents and workers from 6 different countries.
  • Ethical Salary: In our company, no full-time worker earns less than 1.5 times the minimum wage.
  • Training: We promote continuous improvement, that is why we have trained our staff in diverse areas such as Vehicle Operation, Safety, ISO 9001 Standards, Lean Manufacturing, Foreign Trade, among others. We also finance university studies for seniors in the company.
  • Career Plan: We encourage promotions inside the company, and when we create a new position, we prioritize people that are already working with us.
  • Social Justice: We believe in our country and in giving opportunities to the new generations, that is why we sponsor underprivileged youth, so that they can continue their studies through the “Súmate” program, promoted by the charitable institution, Hogar de Cristo (
Empresa InterlogChile

Letter from the General Manager

Dear customers, suppliers, partners, and above all friends, we want to share some exciting news with you as our biggest dream is now becoming a reality. During 2016 we finished moving to our new home in Santiago, our brand new Distribution Center and new corporate building, under the name of CENTRO PAPELERO RENCA, a long time dream for all of us that will allow all our branches (Finances, Administration, Logistics, Sales, Operations) to work in one place. These new facilities will allow us to better serve the local and export market with 3.000 square meters of warehousing space.
We have incorporated new machinery, thus we have more and better cutting and rewinding capacity through our company Converpac S.A., with these new capacities, we are in a better position to fulfill requirements of our customers, mainly in corrugating, packaging, tubes, cores and protection edges.
We also made an important change in our web site, first of its kind in Latin America since 1999, managed by our company Papermarket Chile S.A. It has been updated and transformed in an important online sales website for end-use paper and board products with a strong ecological and environmental component, as required by current times, specially in our country that leads these matters in the region. This proposal will allow us to join the current markets trend to operate by internet and social networks, and reach a massive market, in which we were not present until now.
Also new services like container unstowing with our new automatized ramp, trucking thanks to new and bigger trucks, and enhanced bar code inventory control powered by our improved InterlogSystem® software. All of these under the new 2015 ISO 9001, which we complete during the second semester of 2018.
To reinforce this enthusiasm, we also renew ourselves and our corporate image to one that better represents the new Interlog. The new Interlog is young, creative, vibrant, and ready for new challenges. The new logo shows our pride of being Chilean, and how that background has given us a warm, welcoming, easily adaptable, and helpful spirit, inspired by the people from this part of the world. Having said this, we represent the new Chile, hence we celebrate the diversity of our team and the new ideas that arise from the mixture of cultures that you can find in our land and that is a result of the strength of thousands of immigrants that, for years, have contributed to our development. Like all Chileans we are also vigorous, persistent, and we are always ready to face new challenges and difficulties ahead. It doesn’t matter how high the mountain is, how hard an earthquake hits us, how deep we find ourselves underground, we know that altogether and united we can make it through.
This is the reason why, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our clients and suppliers for walking along this way with us, and especially those of you who have supported us since the beginning, already 20 years ago. We wouldn’t have been able to make our dream come true without your help and the team work we put up together, because we consider you all part of our team.
We want to keep on being your logistics and paper supplier in South America, so together we can make the paper trade and distribution in this part of the world every time easier, faster, more efficient, and especially more friendly and with a human touch.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all,